Wedding Photography Contract Template

Those who pursue wedding photography may have experienced the following. A week before the H-day, suddenly the wedding photographer to get information, prospective clients who have agreed to rent his services in advance to cancel the agreement. In fact, for the prospective client, the wedding photographer “get rid of” some prospective clients who also want to use his services in that day. Since there is no wedding photography contract template or black evidence on the white, the photographer is maximally possible-it can only curse the prospective client, or perhaps there is a shocked bride, after seeing the photographer coming to the wedding instead of the photographer talking to him when making an appointment.

wedding photography contract template

Name and Address Clearly Both Parties, That is, if there is a problem between the two, will not occur mutually throwing responsibility. Details of the Time, Place, Service, Price, and Photography Packages Obtained, agree as much as possible. For example, how many albums obtained. How many sheets are in each digital album, adhesive album, packaging, how many frames the photo gets, how much extra photo magnification and what type of frame, or other additional services that the photographer can provide. For example, providing additional wedding videography services and big screen rental. For pre-wedding Photo Services Agree Additional Expenses, For example, who is responsible for the cost of the venues used, the cost of accommodation and transportation if you have to do a photo session outside the city? If you choose a package from a photographer, agree on the details. Advances and Repayment, Keep in mind, this advance is not merely a sign of agreement. However, as the initial “capital” work of the photographer in agreeing the agreement. Usually, the down payment is lost if the wedding photography contract templateis canceled. The variation of advances for each photography varies from 25 percent to 50 percent. Related to repayment, agree when will be paid off. Photographers are asked to pay off a week before the implementation of work. There are also repaid after all the photographic package in accordance with the agreement received. Agree and pour in the contract.

Deadlines and Compensation, specify the deadline for submission of the work. If necessary, there is a digital album design approval, agreed by both parties. Determine also the amount of compensation if each party breaks the deadline. For example, a photographer breaking a submission deadline or a bride does not immediately agree on a design already made. Legally Strengthen, Strengthen the legal status of the wedding photography contract template by applying stamp duty. If feels necessary, the employment contract offered by the photographer may be discussed and re-agreed. Better “crowded” ahead than sorry later.

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