Stanley Park Wedding Photography Vancouver

The city of Vancouver is the city that occupies the top ranking as the most comfortable place to live. Vancouver is also known in the world for its beauty. In this city there is one of the largest urban parks in North America, namely Stanley Park. The landscape in this city is dominated by the North Coast Mountains and-if it’s a sunny day-Mount Baker in Washington. Along with Victoria, this city is the hottest city in winter. Stanley Park is usually used for wedding photography Vancouver because of the beauty that is shown.

wedding photography Vancouver

Four beautiful and beautiful gardens that you would love to wedding photography Vancouver when in Stanley Park, The Ted and Mary Greg of Rhododendron Garden, Rose Garden and Floral Displays, Shakespeare Garden and Stanley Park Rock Garden. First is The Ted and Mary Greig of Rhododendron Garden. The park dates back to the 1960s when Stanley Park received a rhododendron and azalea hybrid plant from Ted’s and Mary Greig’s Royston nurseries that were well known for its rhododendron hybridizers. There are about 4,500 plants of this type thrives up to now at Stanley Park Pitch and Putt Golf Course. This plant looks very beautiful and has colorful flowers such as yellow, red, purple and pink. Second is Rose Garden and Floral Displays. As the name implies, the park is filled with colorful roses. There are about 3,500 roses of varying varieties of thriving and beautiful in Stanley Park Pavilion. Since it was built in the 1920s, this park has managed to steal the attention of visitors until now, many of them who come to this place to see the beautiful variety of roses, even among those who choose this place as the location of the wedding.

The third is Shakespeare Garden. This park is made to commemorate the famous writer and writer in England, William Shakespeare. His high dedication in the writing world inspired Stanley Park to create a park with the same name as the character. Not only is that, in this park there also a statue of William Shakespeare by architect J.F. Watson in 1935. It is so romantic for wedding photography Vancouver. Fourth is the Stanley Park Rock Garden, a very popular and admired place in Vancouver. Stanley Park Rock Garden was made by master gardener John Montgomery in 1911. He dug the rocks to create a pavilion at Stanley Park. More than 50 years of this planting trip, finally gradually began to be abandoned and not maintained, the visitors began to turn to the mountain tour.

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