Pre Wedding Photography Best Spots

Merlion statue in Singapore is widely known as the landmark of this country, so no wonder when people visit Singapore, the first thing to do is taking photo with the background of this Merlion statue. That was also the case for most people who had the pre wedding photography Singapore. In case you want to have photo session there too, you need to come early in the morning, since it will be very crowded with the visitors during afternoon. Especially during weekend, there will be more people compared to during weekdays. Then it is really suggested that you come at weekdays to capture the best moment and get the best background landscape without the people shown on the picture.

pre wedding photography Singapore

In case you want to have another option for the best spots of pre wedding photography Singapore, probably you can try the concept which had done by this Singapore couple. There is a couple which had their pre wedding photo session inside the Apple company in Singapore. It is said that the husband is the fan of Apple and really want to remember the wedding moment by capturing it in Apple company. In fact, it is not an ordinary case and if you want to follow this step, you need to get the permission from the officers beforehand, to capture the moment in certain part of the building.

For those who loved nature and want to use it as pre wedding photography Singapore concept, Singapore still have many places to capture the natural moment. Singapore Botanic Garden, Fort Canning Park, and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve are the best places to capture moment with the green landscape background. In fact, there are many couple who had done the photography there. In addition you can also try taking photo from the Marina Bay Singapore with the sea background or the elegant night lamp and stars view from the Bay. In fact, there are still many good places in Singapore for the background of pre wedding photo session.

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