Kochi as Wedding Photography Kerala

India is a country visited by many tourists. Besides known as one of the world’s most populous countries, India is also a country that holds many beautiful places. No wonder that many new couples are looking for the most romantic place for a honeymoon in this country. Of the many tourist attractions, there are some places that became the destination of wedding photography Kerala. For couples who may plan to take photos in the country of India, attractions in Kerala can be taken into consideration.

wedding photography Kerala

One of the places in Kerala that can be used as a location for wedding photography Kerala is Kochi. Kochi was formerly called Cochin, Kochi is a fascinating southern Indian city and an interesting mixture of British, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Arab and Jewish influences from former colonization. Many people come to Kochi because of the harmonious atmosphere and the wide open area. It is a land famous for its seaside, skyline and beautiful and inspiring landscapes, not to mention priceless resources for the Indian economy. Kerala Backwaters, drive by boat home and enjoy a soothing calm while passing by a lake and lake stretching parallel to the Arabian Ocean Beach (Malabar Beach). The Chinese Fish Net, the local name for the Chinese Fish Net is Cheenavala, an amazing technique practiced only in China 500 years ago. This is one of Kerala’s typical symbols. Munnar Hill Station, with lush green tea plantations along the mountainous terrain, and surrounded by Graphite Mountains – this place is the perfect honeymoon destination. Enjoy panoramic views complemented by waterfalls, wild nature reserves and spice plantations.

Fort Kochi, as the main part of the city’s history, Fort Kochi was once called the Old Kochi, where you will find unique colonial houses with architectural influences from the Netherlands, Portugal and England. Kerala Kathakali Center, visit here to enjoy the evening drama classical dance performances that recounts Indian legends and myths. An amazing experience with special effects in the order of the stage. All the attractions offered in Kochi can be used as a reference for wedding photography Kerala.

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