Detail for Indian Wedding Photography Tips for Photographer

Beginner photographer often feels hard to adapt with the new environments. Especially in order to shoot the unordinary wedding concept. Like in case capturing the Western wedding concept it has been usually, but then if you get order to shoot the Indian wedding, it might be new thing for you, since it matter with the cultural different. Therefore, as the new or beginner photographer, you will always need Indian wedding photography tips for capturing the best moment.

Indian wedding photography tips

The first of Indian wedding photography tips is communicate well with you client. Since having shoot with Indian wedding concept is new thing for you, it is better to consult with the client. Ask them what the list of the agenda during the day, and it is also better to ask for them the timetable. Then you can know at what time you and your team should stand by and in what place. Then the second tips is come to the place one day before. Thing that you must know is that Indian wedding ceremony will be different, especially they won’t get blessing in church, but in their certain sacred place. Since the place is very sacred, then it is better to come there beforehand to take a look at what position you can capture the best moment with the perfect angle, without passing the limit of the sacred area.

The next Indian wedding photography tips is take a look to the best angle of the photo. This tips is actually related to the previous one, which you should come to the place earlier or better one day before. Do not forget to bring your camera and try to capture anything from different angle. Then in the day of the wedding, it is also better to come very early, since you can determine where to install your photo equipment, especially lighting, without destructing other wedding materials.

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