Choosing South Indian Wedding Photography

Choosing South India wedding photography all on holiday, can provide the best alternative to visit various places that can provide serenity. If you are looking for a South India touring holiday then here are some destinations to choose from.

South India wedding photography

Anantgiri Hills – Located in Andhra Pradesh Anantagiri is one of the famous South Indian summer resorts. After the South India tour to this destination can surely amaze with its natural beauty. It is definitely a natural paradise and for many years has always attracted the attention of national and international tourists. Speaking of Anantagiri hill is the most ideal place where beautiful scenery is served. In fact almost all of Anantagiri Hills have gained vintage point of view that gives many enchanting views and each is worth enough to win your heart. Additionally a beautiful waterfall along with an exciting ravine can further add memorable memories of this place. Undoubtedly the Anantagiri hill resort is sure to be an ideal retreat for South India wedding photography.

Coonoor – your choice of South India wedding photography will not be complete unless you are exploring a town like Coonoor. It is the most famous hill station in the Nilgiri hills and is located just a few kilometers from Ooty. It is the second largest tourist site in the hills of Nilgiri and is also known for its Park Sim. Sim Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions built with the best collection of some unique trees and plants. Apart from these several other locations of interest to tourists is the Lamb Stone Nose Dolphin Seat Lady Canning. Also if you are looking for some outdoor activities then this place has lots of hillocks which is perfect for trekking. Also if you want to have a South Indian wedding photo then Sita Devi Lake is the ideal choice.

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