Best Studio for Wedding Photography in Chennai

Chennai Wedding Photographers

First of best studio for wedding photography in Chennai is this photo studio. This photo studio is very well known among the area in South East India. It is because this photo studio experienced in the big project for the wedding photography. Some of local artist who held the wedding photo session also used the service from this photo studio. No wonder that its popularity and experience has affected to the price it has. The price will range from $400 until more than $2,000, which is quite high compared to the price offered by other wedding photo studios in India.

wedding photography in Chennai

Focuz Studio

The next best photo studio to capture wedding photography in Chennai is Focuz Studio. This photo studio has experienced for more than 10 years to capture the best wedding moment. It often offered the photo session outdoor, especially around the area near the Adyariver, which has the amazing natural views for people who looks for the beauty of nature. You can also look at the previous work of the studios and request them certain poses or photo concept as you wish. The studio also often offering best prices and discount. Therefore, come early by minimum 3 months before the wedding agenda, and you will get best price offered.

Bhalaje Photography

The last but not least of best photo studio for wedding photography in Chennai is Bhalaje Photography. The place of this studio photo is quiet easy to find, since it is located next to the Adya river, particularly in the south side of the river. You can always visit this place easily and even using public transport. Just like other best photo studios, this place have great and amazing work of wedding photo concept. Customer can always have request to capture the moment in certain concept by looking from the previous work or by discussing new concept for their wedding. The staffs and photographer in this place also very good and friendly, which make you will easy to communicate with them.

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