Best Camera for Wedding Photography

Marriage is one of the most precious and important moments in everyone’s life. That is why, most choose digital cameras to capture moments like this instead of using a smart camera (smartphone). Basically, the more expensive the price is set for a digital camera, the better the features and specifications that are in it. And not a few people who are willing to spend a lot of money by buying a best camera for wedding photography¬†or hire an experienced photographer in order to immortalize their wedding moment, because they realize that the moment is valuable and important and only experienced once in a lifetime.

best camera for wedding photography

CANON EOS 5D MARK III, present as the successor of 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III became one of the favorite camera of professional photographers because it offers various advantages such as 22 megapixel camera resolution, dual SD card slot, burst images reach 6 fps, 61 focal points with 41 of them cross-type, ISO ranges that can be selected from 100-25600, and a set of control options. This makes the 5D Mark III very suitable for best camera for wedding photography. CANON EOS 1D X, with the presence of Canon EOS 1D X some time ago, Canon made a remarkable breakthrough in the world of cameras. Canon EOS 1D X is a great camera and perfect for professional photographers because it has many advantages and versatile. For example, 61 reliable autofocus points in various situations and conditions. Although the Canon 1D X camera sensor only 16MP resolution, but because of its excellent autofocus system, the resulting image and video captured is very good and beautiful, especially when you take a still-life picture. With this camera (though expensive because of its nice features), your work becomes easier. So, do not hesitate with the capabilities offered by Canon EOS 1D X.

The CANON EOS 6D, comes with a 20MP full-frame CMOS sensor and an 11-point autofocus system assisted with a 5+ digit processor that gives you the opportunity to take continuous shoots of 4.5 fps. Canon EOS 6D also has the ability to record video with HD 1080 format with an average speed of 30 fps. In addition, the Canon EOS 6D equipped with a feature also features a dust removal located on the sensor. The existing ISO on this camera is 100-25,600 and can be increased up to 102,400. Those are the three best camera for wedding photography.

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