Bengali Wedding Photography Concept

The Bengali wedding photography is mainly the same with other Indian wedding concept. In fact, the ritual and ceremonies done also as the same as other Indian culture had. If you eager to have the photo wedding concept in Bengali culture, you can look at certain photo of Bengali wedding, which mainly had the red as the basic color of the wedding dress. The woman will looks beautiful in the red Indian wedding gown, and with Sari fabric laid on the head part. In addition, usually the local gives the touch of the gold color to make the wedding dress color looks rich and more elegant.

Bengali wedding photography

To apply Bengali wedding photography concept, it will look very great to have the wedding session in the temple, since it is done by most of the Indian people. The photo will looks great with the background of the traditional temple, and with the typical flowers for the ceremony which mostly use white and orange flower color as the symbol of the purity and the sacredness. The woman and also the men will also wearing the neck flower which use only the white color which means by the purity.

In the Bengali wedding photography concept, you should also pay attention to the makeup, especially for the bridal. The bridal usually use henna on their hand, which is the panting in the beautiful ornament on the hand area. Then, some of them also use accessories in the face like the golden ring in the nose which is connected to the head part of the bridal. Then for the men concept is simple, which usually using the hat which is typically Bengals people had and often use. To capture the best moment, it will be perfect to capture the moment when the wedding ceremony begin and taking it from each angle of the process.

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