Best Camera for Action Shots with Affordable Price

best camera for action shots

Xiaomi Yi

This one brand can be said to be a brand that is very famous and phenomenal. The reason, Xiaomi Yi offers a fairly qualified quality but with a fairly friendly price in the bag. This one camera also offers a high resolution of 16 MP and can record video with a resolution of 1080p @ 60 fps. In addition, this best camera for action shots can be equipped with a microSD with a maximum capacity of up to 128 GB so that users of this cam action can freely store various precious moments in the device. Currently Xiaomi Yi has been present in two versions of the travel edition and basic versions. Just like other products, this camera was not spared from the deficiencies that lie in the wide range of video that is only 150 degrees.

best camera for action shots

GoPro Hero4

The next best camera for action shots is GoPro Hero4. GoPro has been widely recognized as a premium brand action cam qualified. One of GoPro’s mainstay products is phenomenal enough is GoPro Hero 4. This product is an upgrade from GoPro Hero 3+ but with features and spec is more qualified.This camera offers improved performance up to 2 times better on the video frame rate, processor speed, and image quality better than the GoPro version Hero3 +. This camera already supports the ability to record 4K resolution video, 2K, Full HD 1080p. For the ability to capture images, this camera is capable of shooting with a resolution of 12 mp at 30 fps.

GoPro Hero5

As is well known, GoPro Hero 4 alone has offered quite satisfactory capabilities. Here, GoPro has launched its upgrade through GoPro Hero 5. Of course this cam action offers much better capabilities and features than its predecessor. More interestingly, GoPro Hero 5 is offered at a cheaper price than GoPro Hero 4 which is only about $400. No wonder, that it can be the best choice of best camera for action shots. The latest Action camera from GoPro offers 12 MP resolution and can record video with 4K @30fps quality. This camera is also equipped with Electronic Video Stabilization feature to make the video recordings look stable even if not carrying the camera stabilizer. Interestingly, GoPro Hero 5 features water resistance or water resistance of up to 10 meters without underwater housing and is also resistant to impact.