Portrait Photography Pricing: Some of the Contributing Factors

You certainly want to know about portrait photography pricing before you finally decide to hire the professional. The job may look simple but it isn’t as easy as it looks because it deals with talents and skills. The professional photographer will have to focus to the beauty and rawness of the photo and then retouch it in the most natural way possible. Whether it is the solo portrait, newborn, family photo, children, maternity, professional headshots, and much more, you will want to contact only the best to get the most satisfying outcome.

portrait photography pricing

You should know that different photographer has their own portrait photography pricing. Some people may charge you $200 an hour while some may charge you $350 for two hours, one print, and 50 edited images. But the same person may also charge you $400 for baby or maternity photo for two hours because of the level of difficulty. Sometimes, it would be better to choose a package system because it allows you to save money. For instance, $600 for maternity photos, newborn session, six month old, and one month old. Not a bad idea, after all, right?

There are also some factors that affect the portrait photography pricing such as:

  • Location. If it is located at the studio, it may start around $300. But when the photographer has to come to the house, it may start from around $450.
  • Number of people. A single person will definitely cost less. Individual session may start at around $200 whereas the family session of five people or less will start at around $300. For more people than six, it may start from around $400.
  • Reputation. The more popular the photographer is, the higher the rate will be. And if the location in the urban setting, it will cost more than the one on the rural setting.

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