Best Camera for Action Shots with Affordable Price

best camera for action shots

Xiaomi Yi

This one brand can be said to be a brand that is very famous and phenomenal. The reason, Xiaomi Yi offers a fairly qualified quality but with a fairly friendly price in the bag. This one camera also offers a high resolution of 16 MP and can record video with a resolution of 1080p @ 60 fps. In addition, this best camera for action shots can be equipped with a microSD with a maximum capacity of up to 128 GB so that users of this cam action can freely store various precious moments in the device. Currently Xiaomi Yi has been present in two versions of the travel edition and basic versions. Just like other products, this camera was not spared from the deficiencies that lie in the wide range of video that is only 150 degrees.

best camera for action shots

GoPro Hero4

The next best camera for action shots is GoPro Hero4. GoPro has been widely recognized as a premium brand action cam qualified. One of GoPro’s mainstay products is phenomenal enough is GoPro Hero 4. This product is an upgrade from GoPro Hero 3+ but with features and spec is more qualified.This camera offers improved performance up to 2 times better on the video frame rate, processor speed, and image quality better than the GoPro version Hero3 +. This camera already supports the ability to record 4K resolution video, 2K, Full HD 1080p. For the ability to capture images, this camera is capable of shooting with a resolution of 12 mp at 30 fps.

GoPro Hero5

As is well known, GoPro Hero 4 alone has offered quite satisfactory capabilities. Here, GoPro has launched its upgrade through GoPro Hero 5. Of course this cam action offers much better capabilities and features than its predecessor. More interestingly, GoPro Hero 5 is offered at a cheaper price than GoPro Hero 4 which is only about $400. No wonder, that it can be the best choice of best camera for action shots. The latest Action camera from GoPro offers 12 MP resolution and can record video with 4K @30fps quality. This camera is also equipped with Electronic Video Stabilization feature to make the video recordings look stable even if not carrying the camera stabilizer. Interestingly, GoPro Hero 5 features water resistance or water resistance of up to 10 meters without underwater housing and is also resistant to impact.

Best Action Video Camera with Low Price: Sony AS100V Review

best action video camera

Looking through the best action video camera must be many list of products and brands. In fact, some of the brand are affordable or sold in low price. Sony is very well known to be the brand which offered camera in high resolution which can capture best moment in the best result. One of the Sony product which have the affordable price is Sony AS100.

best action video camera

Sony has several times issued Action Cam products, the price is cheaper and better technology. Products from Sony there are only shortcomings, including accessories that are less meet the needs of users. The new and inexpensive Sony HDR AS100V. No wonder, that it can be the best choice for the best action video camera with low price. Sony HDR AS100V newly announced at CES 2014 exhibition. Compact design and water proof without waterproof case (Splash Proof). It costs $ 300 and will be released in March 2014. One of the benefits of Sony cam action camera is on the lens. Using UltraWide Zeiss Tessar which is 30% clearer than previous models. For fixed width with 170 degree view angle.Inside is installed 18Mpix Exmor R BSI CMOS sensor and high-performance processor SOny Bionz X. Recording images in MP4 format with 1080p resolution. Or it can record XAVS-S format with 1080p60 to 50Mbps resolution. Other features such as WIFI, NFC to smartphone.

Sony displays a small watch to preview images from the camera. Live View Remote device can function as the on-off camera of the clock. Also waterproof and need to add $ 100 to $400 with the complete package. With all those specifications, this best action video camera is really suitable for outdoor activity and even sport activity. It can be best camera to capture moment even in high speed mode. The setting also very easy to operate, and is very handy even for the beginner in photography.

Best Action Camera for Mountain Biking with Low Price

best action camera for mountain biking

Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K

The first best action camera for mountain biking is Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K. This action camera is designed specifically to make video 360 degrees and Virtual Reality. However, to produce amazing video results, Prelovers’ best friend needs to use two cameras. Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K is supported with several features like HDMI connectivity, WiFi, USB, and NFC. For business photo resolution, this camera action comes with a maximum resolution of 12.4 MP. This quality is very enough to record the activity during mount biking. In addition, it is equipped with battery support capacity of 1250 mAh and MicroSD up to 128 GB. This action camera is priced around $500.

best action camera for mountain biking

GoPro Hero 5

The design of Hero 5 is unique compared to its older generation and even compared to its competitors. Comes with a tiny body and there is a camera bulge that is quite unique on the left of the camera. Coated with gray plastic frames, there are only a few control buttons on this GoPro camera because it is equipped with touch screen feature. With this latest design which is equipped with plastic material outside it no longer need waterproof case because it can be invited to dive to a depth of 10 meters. Some features are Auto Upload Cloud facility that can directly store the photos into the cloud storage. Then, there is also a Location Capture feature that detects the location of the image. One more specification that was mentioned earlier, there is a Voice Control feature where users can use voice commands to control the camera without the need to push a button a lot. No wonder that it is one of best action camera for mountain biking.

Ricoh WG-M2

Action Camera Ricoh WG-M2 is also one of the best action camera for mountain biking you can choose. Action camera has several features such as waterproof, cold-proof, and shock resistant. Action Camera Ricoh WG-M2 is suitable for diving with a depth of up to 20 meters. This device is priced at around $350 which make it affordable for the travelers to complete their equipment before mount biking.

Best Choice of Action Sports Video Camera for High Speed Recording

action sports video camera

GoPro Hero 4

Although already present the latest camera series Hero5, but it seems the previous series Hero4 is still in demand many consumers of this product. The situation can happen because consumers feel GoPro Hero4 is sufficient to meet the needs. In addition, the advantages possessed by Hero4 are already proven in the field compared to newly released products. Thus, the market still believe that it is best action sports video camera.In terms of physical appearance, GoPro Hero4 has a fairly small size weight of about 83 grams only. Although small, this camera uses Ultra-Wide Angle Glass Lens so it has a fairly wide range. Coupled with Camera Housing Waterproof make this product more perfect. This camera also has a Built-in Touchscreen so we can directly check the image results we make.

action sports video camera

Rollei Action Cam S-50

Although the design looks pocket-sized and slightly larger, it can still be the right choice for carrying a sensor of 14 MP and capable of recording Full HD 1080p 30fps speed. This action sports video camera is almost similar to GoPro is also equipped with WiFi and extra thin lens without reducing its ability in the depth of water. But just in case please use the waterproof case. The price of this camera is around $350.

Sony HDR-A100V

The choice of recording resolution in this action sports video camera is more limited, maximum at 1080p 60 fps, and the most extreme slo-mo at 720p 120 fps or 480p 240 fps. However, Sony HDR-AS100V also offers video recording using XAVC S codec that claimed better, as well as more efficient space. But the main advantage of Sony HDR-AS100V precisely lies in the quality of audio captured. The Wirecutter feature did not hesitate to call the audio recording louder and clearer than the best google cam action mainstay though. The Sony HDR-AS100V takes power from a 1,240 mAh battery.

The Best Action Products Camera Except Go Pro

action products camera

Xiaomi Yi

The first best action products camera other than Go Pro is Xiaomi Yi. The era of moving image recording with Full HD quality has become commonplace. 4K became the new standard as the more sophisticated devices with increasingly minimal size, and Xiaomi through YI 4K Action Camera try to accommodate it.The size of the touch screen is also larger than the GoPro Hero5 screen. Unfortunately, Xiaomi has not buried voice command on this latest cam action. However it feels for an image recording device, this feature can still be ruled out.Xiaomi also does not provide exact data how deep YI 4K Action Camera can be brought into the water. But there is a waterproof case that you can buy separate from the sales package.

action products camera

Sony FDR-X3000R

The next best action products camera other than Go Pro is Sony. Digital photography enthusiasts would agree that Sony is one of the most satisfying devices on all fronts. Good camera mirrorless, point and shoot, until the cam action. In this FDR-X3000R series Sony not only sells 4K recording capability with 30fps which is already increasingly rampant in the realm of cam action. One thing that distinguishes the Sony FDR-X3000R with another action cam is the existence of a live remote RM-LVR3. It looks like a smartwatch and you can control the device remotely via a Bluetooth connection. In addition, Sony has included underwater housing, and the camera itself is equipped with waterproof splash feature.

Garmin Virb XE

As one of best action products camera, Virb XE can be brought in water without needing a waterproof case to a depth of 50 meters. Compared to other competitors on this list, Garmin Virb XE is far superior to diving.In addition to GPS, this camera is also equipped with accelerometer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and sensor Full ANT+. This camera has the resolution until 12 MP with the battery capacity until 2 hours. This action camera is cost for around $352.