Portrait Photography Pricing: Some of the Contributing Factors

portrait photography pricing

You certainly want to know about portrait photography pricing before you finally decide to hire the professional. The job may look simple but it isn’t as easy as it looks because it deals with talents and skills. The professional photographer will have to focus to the beauty and rawness of the photo and then retouch it in the most natural way possible. Whether it is the solo portrait, newborn, family photo, children, maternity, professional headshots, and much more, you will want to contact only the best to get the most satisfying outcome.

portrait photography pricing

You should know that different photographer has their own portrait photography pricing. Some people may charge you $200 an hour while some may charge you $350 for two hours, one print, and 50 edited images. But the same person may also charge you $400 for baby or maternity photo for two hours because of the level of difficulty. Sometimes, it would be better to choose a package system because it allows you to save money. For instance, $600 for maternity photos, newborn session, six month old, and one month old. Not a bad idea, after all, right?

There are also some factors that affect the portrait photography pricing such as:

  • Location. If it is located at the studio, it may start around $300. But when the photographer has to come to the house, it may start from around $450.
  • Number of people. A single person will definitely cost less. Individual session may start at around $200 whereas the family session of five people or less will start at around $300. For more people than six, it may start from around $400.
  • Reputation. The more popular the photographer is, the higher the rate will be. And if the location in the urban setting, it will cost more than the one on the rural setting.

Portrait Photography Courses: The Functions and Benefits

portrait photography courses

Taking part in portrait photography courses will give you ideas of how to do the work while teaching you the basic skills. Instead of taking a course with a general topic, it would be better to take one with focused interest and subject. You need to remember that photography is a wide subject. You can always start from the general but you should be able to find the specialized and focused interest, especially if you are thinking about setting up a business based on those skills.

portrait photography courses

It doesn’t matter what kind of portrait photography courses you take – online or offline. Just remember that the basic idea of photography is about practice and real implementation. If you can choose an online course that can accommodate it all – having video conference session, having real practice session – then feel free to do it. Remember, knowing the theory of the photography is important but having the real practice is more important.

When taking the portrait photography courses, you will learn the tips and ways to work with different subjects, such as individual, groups, pets, and also kids. You will learn about posing and lighting, and how to achieve the best quality photo. You will learn the proper way to shoot outdoor or indoor. What about the gears? Those will also be covered in the course, giving you insight of the equipment to use. It is pretty normal and common for the participants of the course to be involved in photo projects. Those photos will be then evaluated and reviewed by your teacher. It also gives you the opportunity to build your portfolio. Sometimes, a hidden talent is found through this method. If you are considered talented, a professional photographer may ask you to be their prodigy or assistant, so you can learn directly from them. Who knows? Everything is possible.

Portrait Photography Contract: The Importance of Written Agreement

portrait photography contract

In the photography industry, having a portrait photography contract is advised. Wait, is there such a thing? Yes, there is and it is actually a good thing. It protects both sides – the photographer and the client – to gain their best interest and protect their rights as well. A contract may sound devilish or complicated but trust me, you really want to have your rights protected, whether you are on the side of the client or the photographer.

portrait photography contract

Again, this written agreement can work best for you and protect you from all the negative ‘what-ifs’. Any professional photographer won’t mind working with a contract; they would encourage it. Any legit client won’t mind with it either because they know that they are protected. If anyone objects on the contract, you should walk away – there is no use dealing with this kind of people. If the photographer refuses it, simply walk away. If the client doesn’t want to have the portrait photography contract, you can simply say no.

So, what are the things should be included within the portrait photography contract?

  • The client information. Whether it is an individual or a group, the contract should list each of them in exact and detailed manner.
  • Scope of work. This is especially handy for professional photographers with different coverage of service. When you deal with wedding events, state the details of the work – which will be different from the portrait work. It should include the date, time, and location, as well as the basic editing work.  If you want to give out bonus, it should be included in this section.
  • Fee. In this section, you include the pricing info, including deposit info or policy, or any other policy about refund.
  • Special request. Any special request that you agree should be listed here.
  • Client’s duty. In the event that you need to shoot outdoor in the private property or it requires license from the client, it should be included in this section.

Types of Portrait Photography: The Different Point of View

types of portrait photography

Not many people know that there are different types of portrait photography. Most of them are mistaken by the name, thinking that portrait photography is only about the face or the facial area. However, there are different kinds of aspects included in this portrait photography, and knowing the basic facts can help you understand it better.

types of portrait photography

So, what are the types of portrait photography, anyway?

  • From the point of view of the subject, it is possible to have candid photo where the subject isn’t aware of the photographer’s presence. It creates natural and beautifully artistic photo, sometimes with dramatic effect. Another one is the posed portrait type, where the subject is aware of the photographer’s presence and chooses a certain pose for it. For business, there is formal portrait type where it is posed and created to deliver formal business atmosphere. In environmental portrait, it is about the subject’s relation to the environment. A photo of the subject in the outdoor setting where the focus is more on their interaction instead of the subject’s facial expression.
  • From the point of view of numbers of people, there is the individual portrait which is about the subject only. For the couple portraits, the photographer should be able to capture the two people as well as their relationship. Another one is the group portraits that may include class photo, family photo, or batch photo. It should capture the unity within the group.
  • From the point of view of the frame, there is close ups that may only shoot a part or portion of the face, enhancing the strength. Facial shot is another type, where it focuses on the entire face, with the boundary up to the bust or neck.

There are still other types of portrait photography, such as upper body portrait shot or the full body type. Be sure to talk it out to the photographer before starting the photo session.

Portrait Photography Dubai: How to Choose a Service

portrait photography Dubai

Finding professional portrait photography Dubai isn’t as hard as you think. As long as you are willing to spend extra times looking around and make a detailed (as well as careful research), you should be able to find the ideal and also trusted service to meet your demands. Naturally, you can’t rush things. So take things carefully and review them one by one.

portrait photography Dubai

Before you decide to hire a professional service of portrait photography Dubai, you should consider some of these important elements:

  • Who is going to undergo the photo session? Is it for you only? Is it for you and the kids? Is it for you and the other adults in the family? Knowing who is going to photo will help you make a careful preparation. Making preparations for the adults will be less complicated than making preparations for the kids.
  • What kind of portrait pictures you want to have? Is it candid? Is it full body? Is it facial only? Is it close-ups? If it is for close-ups, which parts of your face that you like the most for the close-ups?
  • What do you expect from the photo session? How many photos do you want? What about the effect?

It is super crucial that you talk things through with the photographer. It never hurts to convey your message and find the way to solve things through in the best way.

And when you are looking for the trusted and professional portrait photography Dubai, what are the elements to consider? How do you know that you have found the right service?

  • Always ask around. Get reference or recommendation from the people you know and trust.
  • Check the reference. Ask the past clients about the quality of service and whether they are satisfied or not
  • Perform a check of the background, the business, and everything so you know that you are getting the best service only.


Best Camera for Portrait Photography: The Available Options

best camera for portrait photography

If you are into portrait photography, you are probably wondering about the best camera for portrait photography. Although it is always possible to use any kind of camera, there are certain types and brands that are considered suitable and perfect for this kind of thing. It is not a must for you to have them although they can be a good investment on your part.

best camera for portrait photography

The idea of portrait photography is to capture the special characteristic of each individual or group. This kind of photography is meant to capture the rawness, individuality, and also beauty of the subject. Despite the fact that you may need different kind of equipment, the camera is still the number one device. So, have your options the way you like it. What is the best camera for portrait photography?

  • The compact camera. This camera isn’t only great to capture detailed portrait shots but it is also great for the lightweight feature. Mind you, though, that compact and lightweight don’t always mean cheesy or flimsy. You want to choose a camera with facial detection feature or the one with automatic focus adjustment. You can also choose the one with the ability to shoot in low light.
  • The mirrorless camera. This kind of camera has a good combination of DSLR high quality pictures with the lightweight (and compact) device. Looking for a device with WiFi feature and different lenses options? This will be the perfect device to choose.
  • DSLR camera. Some of the greatest top notch brands are perfect for portraits pictures. They have great sensor, face detection, optical viewfinder, and so much more

In the end, the camera isn’t the only thing that determines the final quality and outcome of the images. You need skills and talents too, because even the best camera for portrait photography won’t be able to make up for the flaws or downsides you have.

Best Wide Angle Action Camera for Sport Activity

wide angle action camera

GoPro Hero4

The first best wide angle action camera is GoPro Hero 4 which is known for its capability in recording the live action in High resolution. GOPRO HERO 4 camera has a smaller size and lighter than previous GoPro action cameras. The advantages of this camera is located from its more durable battery power, fast Wi-Fi, then clearer audio and wide angle viewing angle in SuperView feature. The plus value of GOPRO HERO 4 is already supported by high quality video and camera photos have 12M resolution. This camera is very suitable for recording the life action like sport, outdoor activity, and even underwater activity. However, do not forget to layer the camera with the waterproof casing in order to protect it more from the water exposure.

wide angle action camera

Toshiba Camileo X-Sports

This made in Japan camera is the best to capture the life action and is one best choice for wide angle action camera. Toshiba Camileo X-Sports is presented with a waterproof casing design up to a depth of 60 meters and shockproof from a height of up to 1.5 meters. Price TOSHIBA CAMILEO X-SPORTS sold for $ 350. It will record the best moment in your live and is very suitable to attach with other equipment like is installed on the helmet or on the camera vest.

Garmin Virb Elite

VirB Elite comes with suggestions and critiques of previous products, quality 1080p quality sensor linker and 16MP resolution for photos one of which is ready to compete with other big brands. In addition, the excess action camera GARMIN VIRB ELITE owned this product is the availability of GPS features, to measure the speed and even tell you are at what height.The connectivity using Wi-Fi can also connect to the iPhone or Android along with various Garmin equipment. The price of this wide angle action camera is around $300, which is worth of the features it brought.

Gideon Wasp Action Camera Review

wasp action camera

Gideon wasp action camera is the brand which is not widely known like GoPro. However, it still one of the best camera to record the activity especially for outdoor or high speed activity. This camera is best in giving live view display which will be perfect to record the activity outdoor. In fact, most of action camera are not equipped with the Live View Display, and then when recording the activity, sometimes it is hard to get the focus of certain angle and the object, which cause to the blurry effect. However, this action camera is different which excelled in the live view display.

wasp action camera

In addition, Gideon wasp action camera has the similarity quality to the GoPro. So do not always talking about GoPro for the best camera, since there are still many action camera which can provide you the best photo. This camera is also good for any condition with certain lighting. In example when you are recording outdoor which provide many lighting, then it will have no problem. But when suddenly you enter to a room or indoor area, the lighting will darken since the different lighting amount. In fact, this camera can adapt easily to the different light condition, and even in the low light, it still can focus on the main object to capture.

Compared to other action camera, Gideon wasp action camera is very perfect for the sport action and installing it on the certain vehicle like on the motorcycle or ATV. This camera will also be perfect to be installed on the helmet equipment which can be used for fishing, hiking, skiing, and other live sports. The battery power for this camera also performs well and can resist on long time duration. Next, this camera has also equipped with waterproof layer material, so it will be fine to bring it during water sport.

Choosing Motorcycle Action Camera for Motovlogging

motorcycle action camera

In choosing the motorcycle action camera, don’t forget to note about the field of view. In fact, this aspect is important enough for the view field (POV) in the camera when viewed by the viewer looks all so that allows viewers can see everything in front of your camera. By looking at it all this will certainly give the viewer a more picture of what’s happening in front of your camera and lets them see what’s going on in the path that bro broke through while recording for example seeing people crossing, seeing stalls, street people, other bikers and other sights.Look for a camera that has a 150 degree angle of wide angle lens or if you want a more joss the Ultra-Wide 170 degrees FOV Lens to reach the captured camera is wider but the effect is the result is rather convex haha. If you want the recommendations can use existing action camera features 150 ° Wide Angle Lens.

motorcycle action camera

For doing a motovlogging, it is not an easy task to speak clearly and can be heard when recording, especially when you are in the busy street which other vehicle noises might disrupt the sound of yours. Then, it is important to equip your motorcycle action camera with mic connector. If when recording events or anything then required an external mic, if using the camera’s built-in mic is guaranteed if exposed to wind will be noisy and unclear. But if all bro use the external mic then guaranteed sound produced more clear because the microphone is usually mounted on the front of the helmet.

The last aspect in choosing best motorcycle action camera for moto vlogging is the camera which had the long battery power. It is because the journey you had might be longer, so that you need to fulfill the need of good camera power. In fact, there are many choice of best action camera for you such as GoPro Hero5, Xiaomi Yi, and Sony camera.

Best Choice for Good Camera for Action Shots

good camera for action shots

Sony FDR X1000V

This action camera offers a very satisfying video quality like Go Pro Hero 4. Users can record video with Full HD 1080p resolution at 120 fps so this device can produce a complete quality video recording with live view.The interesting thing about this FDR X1000V is its unique shape because it is not the same as other cam action. In addition, Sony FDR X1000V is also priced at a fairly expensive price for a cam action that reaches $600. However, that price is worth with the quality it bring and no wonder that it is best choice for good camera for action shots.

good camera for action shots

Xiaomi Yi 4K

The next good camera for action shots is Xiaomi Yi 4K. This is the latest generation action cam from Xiaomi which offers many exciting features and comes with a more trendy design. Action cam newcomer in the market is priced at around $ 200 and is equipped with features – features that qualified, This camera comes with Ambarella chip A9SE75 chip and 2.19 inch screen size.Chips used in this camera are known to be very energy efficient and yet provide a reliable performance. Meanwhile, the glass lens embedded in the device also allows users to record video with the format 4K @ 30 fps. As the name implies, this cam action is capable of recording video with 4K quality.In terms of battery power, the camera is equipped with a capacity of 1400 mAh battery that can last for 120 minutes of full use. In the display sector, the tiny screen is classified as very sophisticated because it uses Retina Touch Screen sensor technology with 330 ppi sensitivity.

Brica B-Pro 5 Alpha Plus

This is a good camera for action shots that is offered at quite affordable prices among the middle to lower class. This camera has a design similar to Go cam action cam.In addition, the quality of this camera is also almost the same as GoPro. Users can record 2.4 K resolution video with this device. Interestingly, this camera is also supported with slow motion feature. Another feature is a quality sensor of 1.35 MP, and it only cost around $200.