Gideon Wasp Action Camera Review

Gideon wasp action camera is the brand which is not widely known like GoPro. However, it still one of the best camera to record the activity especially for outdoor or high speed activity. This camera is best in giving live view display which will be perfect to record the activity outdoor. In fact, most of action camera are not equipped with the Live View Display, and then when recording the activity, sometimes it is hard to get the focus of certain angle and the object, which cause to the blurry effect. However, this action camera is different which excelled in the live view display.

wasp action camera

In addition, Gideon wasp action camera has the similarity quality to the GoPro. So do not always talking about GoPro for the best camera, since there are still many action camera which can provide you the best photo. This camera is also good for any condition with certain lighting. In example when you are recording outdoor which provide many lighting, then it will have no problem. But when suddenly you enter to a room or indoor area, the lighting will darken since the different lighting amount. In fact, this camera can adapt easily to the different light condition, and even in the low light, it still can focus on the main object to capture.

Compared to other action camera, Gideon wasp action camera is very perfect for the sport action and installing it on the certain vehicle like on the motorcycle or ATV. This camera will also be perfect to be installed on the helmet equipment which can be used for fishing, hiking, skiing, and other live sports. The battery power for this camera also performs well and can resist on long time duration. Next, this camera has also equipped with waterproof layer material, so it will be fine to bring it during water sport.

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