Choosing Motorcycle Action Camera for Motovlogging

In choosing the motorcycle action camera, don’t forget to note about the field of view. In fact, this aspect is important enough for the view field (POV) in the camera when viewed by the viewer looks all so that allows viewers can see everything in front of your camera. By looking at it all this will certainly give the viewer a more picture of what’s happening in front of your camera and lets them see what’s going on in the path that bro broke through while recording for example seeing people crossing, seeing stalls, street people, other bikers and other sights.Look for a camera that has a 150 degree angle of wide angle lens or if you want a more joss the Ultra-Wide 170 degrees FOV Lens to reach the captured camera is wider but the effect is the result is rather convex haha. If you want the recommendations can use existing action camera features 150 ° Wide Angle Lens.

motorcycle action camera

For doing a motovlogging, it is not an easy task to speak clearly and can be heard when recording, especially when you are in the busy street which other vehicle noises might disrupt the sound of yours. Then, it is important to equip your motorcycle action camera with mic connector. If when recording events or anything then required an external mic, if using the camera’s built-in mic is guaranteed if exposed to wind will be noisy and unclear. But if all bro use the external mic then guaranteed sound produced more clear because the microphone is usually mounted on the front of the helmet.

The last aspect in choosing best motorcycle action camera for moto vlogging is the camera which had the long battery power. It is because the journey you had might be longer, so that you need to fulfill the need of good camera power. In fact, there are many choice of best action camera for you such as GoPro Hero5, Xiaomi Yi, and Sony camera.

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