Best Choice of Action Sports Video Camera for High Speed Recording

GoPro Hero 4

Although already present the latest camera series Hero5, but it seems the previous series Hero4 is still in demand many consumers of this product. The situation can happen because consumers feel GoPro Hero4 is sufficient to meet the needs. In addition, the advantages possessed by Hero4 are already proven in the field compared to newly released products. Thus, the market still believe that it is best action sports video camera.In terms of physical appearance, GoPro Hero4 has a fairly small size weight of about 83 grams only. Although small, this camera uses Ultra-Wide Angle Glass Lens so it has a fairly wide range. Coupled with Camera Housing Waterproof make this product more perfect. This camera also has a Built-in Touchscreen so we can directly check the image results we make.

action sports video camera

Rollei Action Cam S-50

Although the design looks pocket-sized and slightly larger, it can still be the right choice for carrying a sensor of 14 MP and capable of recording Full HD 1080p 30fps speed. This action sports video camera is almost similar to GoPro is also equipped with WiFi and extra thin lens without reducing its ability in the depth of water. But just in case please use the waterproof case. The price of this camera is around $350.

Sony HDR-A100V

The choice of recording resolution in this action sports video camera is more limited, maximum at 1080p 60 fps, and the most extreme slo-mo at 720p 120 fps or 480p 240 fps. However, Sony HDR-AS100V also offers video recording using XAVC S codec that claimed better, as well as more efficient space. But the main advantage of Sony HDR-AS100V precisely lies in the quality of audio captured. The Wirecutter feature did not hesitate to call the audio recording louder and clearer than the best google cam action mainstay though. The Sony HDR-AS100V takes power from a 1,240 mAh battery.

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