Best Choice for Good Camera for Action Shots

Sony FDR X1000V

This action camera offers a very satisfying video quality like Go Pro Hero 4. Users can record video with Full HD 1080p resolution at 120 fps so this device can produce a complete quality video recording with live view.The interesting thing about this FDR X1000V is its unique shape because it is not the same as other cam action. In addition, Sony FDR X1000V is also priced at a fairly expensive price for a cam action that reaches $600. However, that price is worth with the quality it bring and no wonder that it is best choice for good camera for action shots.

good camera for action shots

Xiaomi Yi 4K

The next good camera for action shots is Xiaomi Yi 4K. This is the latest generation action cam from Xiaomi which offers many exciting features and comes with a more trendy design. Action cam newcomer in the market is priced at around $ 200 and is equipped with features – features that qualified, This camera comes with Ambarella chip A9SE75 chip and 2.19 inch screen size.Chips used in this camera are known to be very energy efficient and yet provide a reliable performance. Meanwhile, the glass lens embedded in the device also allows users to record video with the format 4K @ 30 fps. As the name implies, this cam action is capable of recording video with 4K quality.In terms of battery power, the camera is equipped with a capacity of 1400 mAh battery that can last for 120 minutes of full use. In the display sector, the tiny screen is classified as very sophisticated because it uses Retina Touch Screen sensor technology with 330 ppi sensitivity.

Brica B-Pro 5 Alpha Plus

This is a good camera for action shots that is offered at quite affordable prices among the middle to lower class. This camera has a design similar to Go cam action cam.In addition, the quality of this camera is also almost the same as GoPro. Users can record 2.4 K resolution video with this device. Interestingly, this camera is also supported with slow motion feature. Another feature is a quality sensor of 1.35 MP, and it only cost around $200.

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