Welcome to the Development site for the CCCE (ACS DivCHED Committee on Computers in Chemical Education).  Our public homepage is http://ccce.divched.org/ and we are using this site for internal discussions, and members will need to log in to to access the material.

The CCCE has several ongoing projects and we are also hosting subdomains at this site, several of which are described below, and several of which have public viewable content.


  • http://olcc.ccce.us/ This is the development site for a cheminformatics education project, the ChemInformatics OLCC.  There is a lot of publically viewable material at this site.
  • http://confchem.ccce.us/ We are in the process of posting old ConfChems and Newsletters to an archive that will eventually be ported to divched.org.  While we are working many of these papers will become available at this site. The more recent ConfChems are available at http://www.ccce.divched.org/ConfChem/conference/all, and the above site will link to this site while work is being performed.

Please feel free to check out our home page, http://www.ccce.divched.org/ .  Since 1993 the CCCE has run the open access online ConfChem Conference and anyone with an interest in chemical education is welcome to join.  We also organize national and international workshops and symposia, and run an annual online Fall Newsletter related to the uses of computers in chemical education.